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    Rug Sizes

    What Rug Sizes Do I Need For My Room?

    What rug sizes to consider based on how large a room is?

    Search the Most Comprehensive Collection of Antique Rugs Online?| Learn How To Position and Place Rugs in Rooms?

    Many rug buyers think that the size of a rug should fill the room or most of it. This is not necessarily the way to go, unless the primary concern is acoustic sound absorption.

    If the floors are attractive, a certain amount flooring should remain exposed around the edge of the room. One or more carpets can also be used to establish different spaces or areas within a larger room, say a living area and a dining area within a continuous space.

    Let us break down the beauty of Rug Sizes?for you…

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    When it comes to choosing the right rug for a room, there are various factors to keep in mind in order to make the space look optimal. Even within?the same space there are multiple options for rug sizes. With that in mind, let us break down rug sizes for you so you can have a more solid approach on what to look for in the future!

    Small Rugs: Typically less than 9ft in length. Common sizes include: 5’’x8”, 5’’x7”, 4’’x6”, and 3’’x5”

    Small Antique Size Rugs by Nazmiyal Collection

    Small Antique Size Rugs

    Small Rugs are a great way to add character to a room and designate a particular nook, or small space in the home. For instance, small Kilim rugs can be lovely for by the sink in the kitchen. Or an Antique Persian might be beautifully inviting and decorative for an entry way. Small rugs can also be creatively layered, a trend you can further explore by clicking here to see our feature on overlapping rugs.

    Islamic prayer rugs also fall under the category of small rugs, perfect for praying, meditating, or any type of vertical oriented space, as they wouldn’t really be as fitting if presented horizontally. Small rugs can also work wonderfully beneath a coffee table, artfully framing the piece of furniture.

    Room Size Rugs: 9ft-15ft in length

    Antique Room Size Rugs by Nazmiyal

    Antique Room Size Rugs

    Room size rugs are the most popular of rug sizes. They literally come in any and every style, and are essential for every home. These rugs are ideal for defining a primary space and they are decor’s MVP for adding a pop of color.

    For instance, you can warm up a room with a rug of the respective hue?or cool down a room with a blue-grey rug.

    Large Rugs: Typically 15’’-20’’ in length

    Large Size Rugs by Nazmiyal

    Large Size Rugs

    Large rugs are perfect for bringing a room together. When choosing a large rug, it is strongly advised to choose one that all of the room’s furniture will fit over, while still leaving a decent margin of floor space around the perimeter.

    This will make the room look bigger, more elegant, and clean.

    Oversized rugs: Anything that is over 20ft in length

    Oversized Rugs by Nazmiyal

    Oversized Rugs

    These opulent rugs are meant for grand interiors that can accommodate them gracefully. They are especially good for a more traditional decor style, adding an abundance of decorative elements to the room. Rugs with an all over design are ideal because they give you the most options in terms of how things are placed on top of them.

    Designers love rugs with all over designs because it eliminates the worry of symmetry, allowing for more creativity. The rug pictured above is an extravagant French rug, but oversized rugs come from many origins as you will see in our collection.

    Runner Rugs: Any rug that is long and narrow

    Antique Runner Size Rugs by Nazmiyal

    Antique Runner Size Rugs

    Naturally, runner rugs are terrific for hallways, but they are capable of so much more too! For instance, one can put a runner rug at the foot of the bed, or on either side. Runner rugs can also be an effective way to designate a walking area in a family room, or living room. For instance, if the furniture is situated to one side of the room, a runner rug might be perfect for behind the couch, where one walks to get to the kitchen.

    Again, these pieces can be super artful, ranging from tribal and nomadic to modern and contemporary.

    Furniture placement also matters. Furniture can be placed over a larger oversized rugs?if it has an allover repeating design, or if it has no borders. Alternatively, furniture can be grouped around a smaller rug, or overlapping slightly onto it.

    In that case a smaller rug would work well in a larger room. These are all decisions that should be made before beginning to think about the style of carpet that might be appropriate.

    Finding Antique Rugs by Sizes

    If you are looking for rugs for your home then naturally, one of the most important factors is size. Below we have made it easy to search our rugs based on pre-set size ranges. Click the rug size links below to quickly pull up the search results based on general rug sizes. With so many rug sizes and common interior spaces, there’s a perfectly proportioned rug for every location. The Most common would be the rectangular rug sizes followed by?Square rugs then round?rugs.

    Other, less typical sized rugs are octagonal and even diamond-shaped rugs. While the modern contemporary rugs will usually be available in standard sizes, the antique carpets can be found in common as well as unusual rug sizes.

    For general information on how to find and search our site, please visit How to Search for Antique Rugs Online

    View Pre Sorted Rugs by Sizes Below:

    For small scatter rug sizes that measure Less Than 9 ft in Length click:?Small Rugs

    For room size rugs that measure 9 feet to 15 feet in Length click:?Room Size Rugs

    For antique large size rugs that measure 15 ft to 20 ft in Length click:?Large Rugs

    For oversized rugs?that measure more than 20 ft either width-wise or lengthwise click on:?Oversized Rugs

    For runner rugs that are basically for halls and are?long and very narrow click on: ?Runner Rugs?or Long and Narrow Gallery Size Rugs

    Search Our Entire Collection of Antique Rugs and Carpets by Room Size

    Antique rugs and carpets are available in a wide variety of sizes. Based on the size of the space that you are working with, you will want to search through certain size carpets.

    Click on the preset rug sizes?below to search?antique rugs?and carpets by room sizes to find the carpet that is best suited for your particular space. We all lead busy lives and sometimes we simply want to find what we are looking for without the hassle of conducting search after?search.

    With that in mind, we have?categorized?our inventory based on the most popular as well as the most common room size requirements. So if you are looking for just a?small rug?to place in an entry, a runner for a hall or even a large or “extra large” rug, simply click on the?corresponding?image to see the selection.

    Each individual section contains each item in our inventory that corresponds to the specified size parameters.

    Rugs by Sizes Nazmiyal

    Search for rugs based on pre selected rug sizes

    Everything You Want to Know About Antique Rugs and Vintage Rugs

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